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    Producing Natural food, Striving for excellence Established in 1998, Dalian Tianli Condiment Co., Ltd is a professional horseradish (Wasabi) manufacturer located in Dalian, a beautiful coastal city in North China. View Producing Natural food, Striving for excellence
    Conduct technological innovationlead the future Tianli introduced international and domestic advanced automatic equipments and production lines, adopted our own recipe to produce the horseradish of unique flavor and rich nutrients. View Conduct technological innovationlead the future
    Develop the best condiments to meet the needs of people We produce top-grade Japanese and Korean sauces, such as sushi sauce, sushi vinegar, mustard salad, mustard oil, chili oil, pepper oil, zanthoxylum oil and full range of hot pot condiments. We adhere to the "high reputation, quality first" purpose, for your dedicated service! View Develop the best condiments to meet the needs of people
    Make the most delicious condiments to enjoy a healthy life It is originated both inland and abroad and fills in the blank in cultural history of horseradish catering. It is made by naturally fermented soy sauce that is introduced from Japan and is taken as raw material and special juice enzyme of horseradish. By mixing Tianli Horseradish Mate with Tianli First-class Horseradish, its quality is purer; flavor is more unique; piquancy lingers after taste. View Make the most delicious condiments to enjoy a healthy life
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    Add: The northern industrial zone of Shagangzi village,Ganjingzi Yingchengzi street,Dalian

    Sales Hotline: +86-0411-86605318

    Fax: +86-0411-86605218

    Tel: 400-800-4233

    E-mail: bg@www.chimenote.com


           Established in 1998 in Dalian, China, "the County of the World's Horseradish", Dalian Tianli Condiment Co, Ltd .is a well-known manufacturer specialized in producing the horseradish (Wasabi) and full range of compound condiments.

          The wasabi condiments are produced with the world's advanced technology and process have unique flavor, spicy taste and rich nutrients, and become popular in the market. The products stand out in the industry, sell well in domestic provinces and autonomous regions, and are exported to European, American, and Southeast Asian countries.

          After 20 years of innovation and development, we have established several wasabi and horseradish planting bases at home and abroad, and have modern and automated production workshops that are compliant with the European Union, as well as advanced testing and R&D center and the professional technical team of "production-learning-research integration". Over the years, we continued to research and develop new condiments, lead the new fashion of the catering industry, and make contributions to enriching the dining table culture of common people and promoting the industrial development.

          We have record qualification of production enterprises for exported food, got ISO9001 International Quality Management System Certification and HACCP System Certification, and won the title of " Top 100 Chinese Agricultural Product Brands" in 2016, the honorable title of “Famous-brand Product in Liaoning Province" "Famoustrademark in Liaoning Province", "Dalian Demonstration Unit of Safe Food Manufacturing Quality", and "Trust-worthy Enterprise in Dalian" etc. for consecutive years. In 2019, the company was awarded as honorary sponsor of “Dalian Night" Cultural Dinner of Summer Davos.

          With the business philosophy of "producing natural food, striving for excellence" and the target of "making the most delicious condiments to enjoy a healthy life". We spare no efforts to develop the best condiments to meet customer demands. We sincerely invite domestic and foreign merchants to visit and join us for a new future in the condiment field.